Who I Am and Where I Am

Welcome to Nit Nats

I am just a pensioner with a penchant for the written word. Which doesn’t necessarily need to make sense. Hopefully, though, it will make you laugh, either because it’s just so gosh-darned funny or because it’s a mess from a grammatical standpoint. At the very least, you can feel superior without having to spend a dime. Anyone who takes the time to read this…if you do, please visit one of the categories. You can go to “Just An Observation” or, if you want to laugh (hopefully), have a look at “Dust Bunnies From My Mind” or even “Foto Funnies.” The first person to leave a comment will receive a free, autographed book of his, her, or its choosing (a book written by me. Duh). ATTENTION! The contest is over and little Lester Gibson from the Looney Bin also known as California has won. Although, I sincerely doubt any of you knew that because none of you probably read this. Oh…well. For now there is no charge. Once I figure out how to set this up to receive payments (i.e., more than likely never), there possibly could be a small fee. As I said, I’m a pensioner and I’m tired of eating dog food. I could use the money. And the dog would like his food back.