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Welcome to my newest category, “Just An Observation.” This is the place where I’ll post my opinion on current events. You may agree, you may disagree, it’s all good. If you even read these things and comment, even better. As opposed to “Dust Bunnies From My Mind” and “Foto Funnies,” this group of posts will be mostly serious. I may inject some sort of sarcasm or nonsense in them from time to time (after all, I can’t help being me), but I’ll try to keep things serious-minded and sober for the most part. Or I may have a few drinks (see what I mean?). If you were to wonder why I’m doing this, these are the type of essays that may or may not get me booted off other social media platforms (I’m talking to you Facebook and Twitter). For my first “observation,” I thought a quick take about Time’s Man of the Year would be appropriate. A lot of people are losing their minds over this year’s selection, forgetting the rationale behind the left-wing news magazine’s selection process. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

There has been no shortage of outrage over Time magazine’s choice for 2020’s Person of the Year (several years ago, Time changed it from Man of the Year. I don’t feel like looking up when exactly. I’m good with that, in any event. After all, there are more than just dudes on the planet. And thank God for that).

If people (not all of them Trump supporters) were vexed because there is no way Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deserved to be so recognized, I’d be 100% on their side.

Spoiler Alert: I believe Biden and Harris in no way deserved the honor. I’ll explain why later.

But, these folks are using the fact that, because Adolf Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year in 1938, it must be incontrovertible proof that media cannot be trusted (they can’t, BTW. I’m talking to you, Fox News).

I hate to break it to everyone who feels this way (it pains me because we’re likeminded in many other areas), but Josef Stalin, Nikita Khruschev, and the Ayatollah Khomeini were also Time’s Man of the Year. These were controversial choices, to be sure. The way Time explained it, though, is that the purpose behind MOY was to designate an individual who most affected the year prior. It did not have to be in a positive way.

In that, I agree with their intent. Man (now Person) of the Year is not to be confused with a “He’s a jolly good fellow!” kind of thing. Unless Khruschev should have received a gold watch and cake.

With that in mind, perhaps Donald Trump should have been so recognized. Love him (many do) or hate him (many do), he was arguably the most significant individual this past year. Or (throw up in my mouth), Tony Fauci. Actually, my vote would go to the real heroes: health care workers, first responders, or perhaps those manning checkout lines at the supermarket.

Certainly not Idiot Joe and Chlamydia Harris. Calling them Person of the Year is nothing more than virtue-signaling by a left-wing SJW rag. It thus cheapens the title and ensures that nobody will give a rat’s ass about said designees in the future.

Time Magazine has thus become as relevant as the NFL, Hollywood, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

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