The New York Jets of Impeachment*

“He incited an insurrection and he writes mean tweets!”

                Was there any doubt as to how this ridiculous sham of an impeachment trial would go?  Did ANYone (with a brain) actually think Donald Trump would be convicted and thus barred from seeking further office?  Will Richard Nixon’s corpse be exhumed so that Nancy Pelosi can parade it before the House for high crimes, misdemeanors, and halitosis?

               Ludicrous?  Of course, but that hasn’t stopped the Speaker of the House before.  After all, she desperately wanted to improve on her 0-1 record when it came to obtaining a conviction of a president.  Never mind that he is no longer in office.

SPOILER: She didn’t.

                So now that three presidents have been impeached four times, where does that leave us?  First, there have been four impeachments.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve read breathlessly ignorant and outraged, “Donald Trump needs to be impeached now!”

             After he was impeached.  Twice.  Seriously, I got tired of having to explain how this whole process worked to numbskulls.  I’ll freely admit that there are, more than likely, conservative numbskulls.  A lot fewer, but I’m sure there are.

                Second, have any of the impeachments not been purely political affairs? 

                The closest would be that of Andrew Johnson in 1868, who missed being convicted and tossed by only one vote.  A case could be made (and was) that he deserved to be thrown out of office for his highhanded management of Reconstruction and Cabinet appointments.  Even so, I suspect that partisanship played a huge role.  Johnson, even though Lincoln’s vice-president, was a Democrat Southerner.  The Congress was Republican.

                Clinton?  Well, even though I heartily enjoyed the Boner-in-Chief being held to count for lying to Congress, I can see (not agree with) the other side’s point.  If you seriously think impeachment or the trial weren’t political affairs. consider that the House was in Republican hands.  The Senate, even though the Democrats were in the minority, couldn’t muster up the 67 votes necessary to send Bubba packing to Arkansas.  Add to that, every single Democrat voted for acquittal, aided by five Republicans (there’s a shocker), and you have Bill emerging unscathed, nay the recipient of increased popularity.

                Does anyone think he would have been impeached if the House of Representatives was controlled by Democrats?  Bitch, please.

                As far as the impeachments of Donald Trump?  Yes, these were purely in defense of the nation’s interests.  And, if you buy that…

                Questions of constitutionality aside, there was no doubt that this ridiculous waste of time and money was an an unhinged quest for revenge by the Vampire of the House and Snow Miser of the Senate.  By the way, if you think Chuckie doesn’t resemble the character from The Year Without a Santa Claus, please let Google be your friend.  Why Drunk Vampira thought this charade had a prayer of getting the two thirds necessary for conviction, even with quislings from the GOP and even though the Senate is now run by Leftists, is beyond me.

                What motivates this kind of deranged logic?  Surely it can’t be to bring the nation together?  This further polarizes Americans.  Kinda makes a laughingstock of the Idiot-in-Chief’s ridiculous “unity” bullshit, doesn’t it?

                Then again, Pelosi pulled this crap last year. as well.  I was amazed that she did so.  That she doubled down this year is even more baffling.

                I dearly hope the motivations aren’t nefarious.  I sincerely do.  Sadly, nothing much, especially lately, has convinced me otherwise.

                Mostly because I probably don’t have a life, I paid attention to some of the proceedings.  I didn’t watch it on television, mind you.  I didn’t want to risk being enraged to the point of throwing a shoe at it.  After all, I’m not the Iraqi Parliament. But, I did read recaps of what went on.

                Initially, I was dismayed over the performance of that moron, Bruce Castor, allegedly assigned to defend Trump (with friends like this…).  I was worried that his rambling incoherence would cause most Senators to think that maybe Orange Man really was bad.

                Then, I calmed down.  I realized that, no matter what he said or how he said it, Republican senators would by and large support the former president.  Even though unbelievable fools such as the butthurt Mitt Romney weren’t in Trump’s camp, the fix was in.

                Incidentally, Mittens was savaged by leftist media when he dared run against Slappy the Savior from Hawaii, Kenya, Illinois.  Blessings be upon him.  I guess he’s gotten over it. Trump writes mean things, you know.

                Jesus Christ himself could have come down for the prosecution and folks such as Ted Cruz would never convict.

                Then, on Friday, I listened to Sean Hannity laud the masterful performance by the team for the ex-president.  They had eaten the lunch of impeachment managers, he claimed.  “Let not your heart be troubled,” he consoled us.

                Then, on Saturday, the Senate voted for witnesses.  Before they didn’t.  I didn’t care, because no one would be swayed.  Democrat Senators would do what Snow Miser directed.  Republican senators, with a few exceptions, would follow their brains.

                Partisanship, not objectivity, would rule the day.

                But, it didn’t matter.  There was no way the Clown Show would come up with the two-thirds necessary to convict.  It didn’t matter what you thought of Trump, he would be acquitted.   Luckily, the Senate voted on Saturday.  The nation would be spared further angst-ridden knees-bent running about. 

                FULL DISCLOSURE:  I was happy with the outcome.  But, no frikkin’ way was I surprised.

                Huzzah!  The mature, reasoned statesman (and women) of Congress would now be free to carry on the nation’s business.


                The New York Jets have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl.

*While I’d love to take credit for this, this belongs to Steven Crowder in his post, (and I paraphrase), “Nancy Pelosi is the Pelosiest of Them All.”

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