Goodbye To All That

                I received this email notice a few weeks ago.

                At first, I thought it would be a good idea to opt in for another twelve months.  After all, it wouldn’t cost a lot to renew and it’s been fun dusting off my writing skills (such as they are) to write either something silly (i.e., Dust Bunny), something serious (i.e., Just An Observation), or post an irreverent photograph (i.e., Foto Funny).  I’ve enjoyed blasting away about whatever struck my fancy (of course, now I have a sore fancy).

                It was never about gaining wide notoriety, getting an invitation to appear on Fox and Friends, or making boatloads of money.

                Incidentally, if you think I’m motivated by money, you might want to consider the royalties I receive from Shag Carpet Books.  Despite having written seven books, I still have hardly enough to pay attention.  Wait.  What were we talking about?

                See what I mean?

                This site also gave me an opportunity to delve into sensitive topics and even use colorful language.


                See what I mean?

                The more I thought about renewing, though, the more I thought that I’ve been wasting my time.  Sure, there are a couple of you (I hope) that read these columns, but there have been zero comments on the site, apart from Spam comments about vaping, moneymaking schemes, and something about Russian women and a monkey.

                There have also been a LOT of password change notifications, which causes me concerns that someone out there may be phishing away for some information.  Like where to buy a leather bustier for a monkey.

                Anyway, while I don’t necessarily want to have a debate about the topics I talk about, it would have been nice to have some “give and take” about my essays.  I’d even like a discussion about how and why the dinosaurs were wiped out and did the Flintstones have anything to do with it?

                Even a “You suck” comment would have been welcome.

                NOTE:  Now I expect a “You suck” from someone like Tim.

                In fact, if it wasn’t for Facebook, there would have been zero interactions.   And we all know the problems Facebook has been having lately.  So, who knows?

                So, if you go looking for starting the 7th, you won’t find it.  The sad thing is, hardly anyone will notice.

                I’ll continue to keep plugging away on my books (I hope to eventually have enough cash to use a shopping cart at Aldi’s…fingers crossed).  And, I’ll return to writing these types of columns on  The good news about Blogger is that it’s free (even though, like I said, money wasn’t a concern) and that I can interact with people all over the world.  The bad news about Blogger is that, unlike Nit Nats, I’d like to keep to one central schtick.  Even though it’s not against Blogger’s Terms of Service, I like to keep to either funny or serious.  Make ’em laugh or make ’em bitch-nom sense confusing people.

                Although, when talking about the Idiot-in-Chief, the line between ‘serious’ and ‘funy’ can be blurred.

                Who knows?  Maybe I’ll find that Russian broad and her monkey.

“One can only hope, amirite?”

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