Till Unmasking Do Us Part

Not the actual wedding party.

                For the two of you who breathlessly await one of these, I apologize.  I was at my son’s wedding in Blacksburg, Virginia this weekend.  Perhaps not surprisingly, a movement is afoot in that small western Virginia town to rename it “Burg of Color.”  Since the college, Virginia Tech, is out for the summer, I think the effort will fail due to an overwhelming amount of brain cells.

                NOTE #1:  I’m kidding, but seriously, would it surprise you?

                NOTE #2:  Incidentally, if you are breathlessly awaiting one of these, might I suggest intensive psychiatric help?

                In any event, it’s been more than three weeks since I wrote anything besides personal checks.  Things have been busy, and I now find myself at my son’s and new daughter-in-law’s house in Richmond, watching their dog.  Who has a remarkable ability of licking himself.  Sigh…if only…

                Anyway, the wedding was a blast.  Happily, nobody got injured or arrested.  This all despite the fact there was an open bar.  There were more than a few hangovers the next morning, I’m sure.  Not me, you understand.  As father of the groom, I held myself to a high standard of gravitas and dignity.

                This was not the case the evening before at the “Welcome Party” held at a local brewery, mind you.  Somewhere that evening, I lost the power of speech.  And my pants.  So there’s that.

                So, what’s the point of this entire screed, you might be asking?  That is, if you’re still with us.

                My point is that I didn’t see a mask the entire wedding.  Okay, sure, the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam (He of the Blackface), rescinded the Commonwealth-wide mask decree the Friday before.  A lot of private businesses are still allowed to require patrons to don the face diaper, though (by the way, I have zero problem with this.  If a private entity wants to go this route, do).

                The only time I saw a proliferation of masks was at our hotel.  That was cool with me, even though quite a few times I just didn’t wear one (same went for a lot of guests).  I kept it with me just in case an employee asked me to throw it on.  No way would I give them any grief about it.  None did.

Wrong mask

                The existence of vaccines has resulted in this shift.  I’d go for the reemergence of common sense, but okay, whatever.  I’m just thrilled to be able to walk around without a piece of cloth hiding my face.  Although, it was nice being able to hide my cold sores and not have to shave on a regular basis.  Still, I’m happy.

                The skeptical among us wonder whether this has anything to do with the Idiot-in-Chief’s botching of just about everything besides eating ice cream and sniffing little girls.  Removing mask directives could be a way to distract people away from the seemingly countless disasters coming from Washington.  Maybe, maybe not.

                Establishments have posted notices that if you have been vaccinated, a mask is not mandatory.  Of course, this requires all people to be honest about their medical status.  Personally, I think that’s placing a whole lot of faith in humanity.  If you doubt that, how many people do you actually think pay attention to “55 MPH” signs?

“I do. Especially on sidewalks. Oops. Pooped myself.”

                To ensure compliance would involve asking folks to produce proof of their vaccinated status.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…yeah, good luck with that.  So we’re clear, if ANYone asks whether I got the shot or not (hasn’t happened yet), I’m prepared to answer “Nunya.”

                NOTE #3:  For those who do not know-“None Ya Bidness.”

                I hope to see an increasing number of bare faces in the coming weeks.  I honestly feel that the more people ditch the diaper, the more other people will feel comfortable with ditching the diaper.  Just like before it was mandatory, when people put on masks just to fit in with the crowd, so it will go in the opposite direction.   Although, if I see “mask not required” at the store entrance I have no trouble sticking that nonsense in my pocket.  I’ll admit, though, that some folks may be hesitant to do the same.  That said, I maintain that the more people’s faces you see, the more comfortable you will be joining them.

                Disturbingly, I’m seeing the response to this entire episode becoming political.  My goodness, why?  Is common sense, logic, and critical thought dependent on whether you’re a donkey or an elephant?  For some, it apparently is.

                Likewise with the fact that the states leading the way are largely governed by Republicans, despite being accused of “Neanderthalism” (I made that word up.  Feel free to use it).  Even though places like Florida and Texas have lower reported cases of COVID-19 while eschewing the mask than the sideshows of, say, New York or California, the Left beats the drum that Red States are irresponsible.

                For pity’s sake, numbers don’t lie.  What’s more, the same people who bleated “follow the science” (we won’t get into the fact that science isn’t infallible all the time here.  I’m talking to you, Al Gore) aren’t following the science now since it doesn’t fit in with their narrative.

                Incidentally, what’s even more disturbing?  I wonder how many people wouldn’t be leery about getting the vaccine had Donald Trump been reelected (I won’t get into whether that’s true or not here, either).  Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republican Party would then be leading the charge into shot clinics.

                After all, it was his administration which aggressively green-lit the things in the first place.

                To be seen as a mask-wearer is to be seen as a Republican “Anti-Vaxxer.”  I really wonder what the case would be if the shoe was on the other foot.  Like I said, call me cynical, but I ‘ll bet that many in the Democratic Party would be bitching about the vaccine.

                In other other words, if Ron DeSantis thinks the sun rises in the east, Nancy Pelosi would demand a special commission to determine if it’s so.

                Oh, and if you’re wondering whether I got vaccinated or not?  Nunya.

Those Who Will Not Work*

*should not eat

                As happens every time I write one of these, the biggest difficulty I face is trying to decide on a topic.  To be sure, there were plenty of possibilities during the Trump Administration.  I realized that idiocy never sleeps, no matter who is in the White House.  Eating Tide Pods, lectures from Hollywood scolds, and never-ending bitching from the likes of Morning Joe and the chimpanzee class carried on in spite of the Mean Orange Man.  Who, while demonstrably better than the demented muppet we now have, wasn’t perfect himself.

                I’m talking to you, Space Force.

                Still, I have an even greater number of things to discuss now that we have the Idiot-in-Chief and Her Royal Scabby Knees in office.  The border, skyrocketing taxes, “wokeism”, China, Russia, Iran, and the aforementioned dementia make for a veritable cornucopia of lunacy.  Not to mention the Left losing their shit over Caitlyn Jenner throwing her/his/whatever hat in the ring for Governor of the Circus of California.  Just because Ms. Jenner has the balls to declare herself (okay, I’ll just pick a pronoun already) a Republican.  Incidentally…balls?  Not sure.  Don’t know.  Don’t want to know.

                Today, though, I’ll talk about the erosion of the American work ethic.

                A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I had lunch at a local “Mom and Pop” restaurant.  Eschewing chains like Wendy’s, Burger King, or, God help me, McDonald’s, we decided to actually sit down to eat rather than ordering cheeseburgers at the drive-thru before pulling into a parking spot.

                Unfortunately, though, we were told there would be about a twenty-minute wait.  Not because there were an inordinate amount of people queuing up for their signature souvlaki gyro (which is awesome, by the way).  No, it was because a shortage of staff impacted the number of diners who could sit down and be served.

                When I asked the hostess (who happened to be the owner-short staff, remember) why this was so, she told me that, despite a number of openings, she could not get people to work at her restaurant.  Not because she was a Simon Legree who used a cat o’ nine tails to motivate her workers to keep the unsweetened ice teas refilled.  But, because potential employees didn’t want to work.

                We quite rightly mourn those hundreds of thousands of our family, friends, and neighbors who were taken from us by COVID-19.  I consider myself lucky that neither I nor any of my family fell victim to this cruel scourge which traces its origins to a lab in China (which is why it’s not called the “Polish Flu”).  Whether by accident or by design,  the damage it wrought will be felt for years.

                Luckily, several types of vaccines have been developed and we are starting to see some easing of the draconian restrictions placed upon us.  Some more than others (e.g., Florida), but some.  I refuse to believe in the efficacy of masks (aka “Face Diapers”) to arrest this plague, and I fear they may be with us for quite some time, but things look a little brighter.

                NOTE:  The wisdom of taking a vaccine to combat a disease with a 99% recovery rate is another topic for another time.

“Hasn’t affected me.”

                One of the biggest reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic was the shuttering (in some cases, permanent shuttering) of many businesses in a thriving economy.  Part of me agreed with this approach in the early stages because we had little idea of what we were dealing with.  Then, as time went on and I realized this wasn’t the second coming of the Black Death (or “Death of Color”), I supported opening many of these businesses back up.

                Unfortunately, on the way to reopening, more than a few people remained uneasy about returning to work, especially those which dealt with the public, specifically the restaurant business.  Personally, I think these folks are cowards.  Unless a customer is sneezing on you or giving you a bear hug while coughing up a lung, I fail to see that you’re in any greater danger than catching a very bad cold.

                Okay, I could be wrong and probably more than a little insensitive.  I’ll grant that.  I see many people who are still genuinely terrified.  It makes me sad that they have put their lives on hold, but I shouldn’t doubt their sincerity.

                However, there are those who find it’s more financially advantageous for them to stay home, collecting unemployment, rather than waiting tables, slinging hash, washing dishes, and, yes, teaching our kids.  Unemployment compensation is $600 a week.  This, incidentally, works out to $15 an hour for a 40-hour work week.

                Golly, where have I heard that figure before?

                Not only that, but those collecting unemployment are not expected to report in on their success, or lack thereof, of finding work elsewhere.  Instead, once they make a claim of unemployment, they will continue to suckle at the teat of the federal government until the “emergency” is over.

                This practice may change sometime this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Sam extends this practice indefinitely to further solidify a dependency class.  Bread and circuses, if you will.

                The result of this is a number of people who refuse to work.  They see nothing wrong with getting something for nothing.  Who cares if someone else’s taxes pay for their lack of drive?  The suckers will always be there.

                The only problem is that when fewer people are pulling a wagon loaded with more and more of these slack asses, eventually the mules will drop dead of exhaustion.

                I have zero problem with helping those who cannot work.  I do have a lot of problems with those healthy individuals who stick their hand out for a handout.  Teach a man to fish and all that.

                A funny line in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” was, when asked why Cousin Eddy was unemployed, Ellen Griswold replied that he was “holding out for a management position.”  Well, I have serious doubts that many of these leeches at the public trough would work if they were even given a management position.

“Pfffttt! As if.”

                In an odd sort of way, while I would never accept something for nothing, I can see their point.  So, how about placing limits on their never-ending vacation?  If you’re not going to decrease the amount of unemployment (it should be decreased, but I really can’t see that happening), what about insisting that recipients actively search for work?

                It’s not the taxpayer’s responsibility to subsidize perpetual good time rock and roll and happy times.

                In the meantime, I plan on visiting that restaurant owner.  Maybe I’ll submit an application.  I’m not as young as I once was, but I remember how to bus tables. 

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

                And not just because it sucks.

                After twenty years of war, the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan.  Declaring that the American military has achieved its military goals, Joe Biden set a date of September 11th as the final day for our servicemen and women to leave with honor.

                Before the Idiot-in-Chief sends them to another war zone.  Bank on it.

                Never mind that Donald Trump had already set a date of May 1st.  Heaven forbid that the Biden Administration does anything that the evil racist Orange Man did.  September it is, then.

                I’m of two minds about this.  If pressed, I view the ending of our involvement in that shithole as a good thing.  After all, there’s nothing there worth an American life.  In fact, if it were up to me, I’d pull every American out of every country in the world.  Let them take care of themselves.

                Going into Afghanistan made sense back in the fall of 2001.  Dear Lord, when I write that down, it brings home how long it’s actually been.  The United States had been brutally attacked and thousands of innocent people were slaughtered, including two friends of mine.

                Something needed to be done to deny safe haven to the animals who would carry out a such a heinous massacre.  Along the way, the Taliban stranglehold on the country was decapitated.  Some semblance of freedom slowly burgeoned among the Afghan people.  Good things.

                But then, as in Vietnam, an American presence began to be perceived as the norm.  Ostensibly there to train local forces to prevent a fundamental Islamic resurgence, it was felt that only American muscle could adequately safeguard the region.  Moreover, the national military could not bring the type of air power punch that the Americans could.

                Haven’t we seen this movie before?   

“The horror…”

                That may be all well and good, but we’ve got our own problems.  Mostly of the “shoot yourself in the foot” variety, but if you put your masochist hat on and watch the news, you’ll see any number of troubles on American shores.  I won’t list them all here (not enough room), but you get my point.  We’re not living in Mayberry anymore, my friends.

Afghanistan sucks, tho…wait. This is Portland? Never mind.

                Then, I stop to think about that vacuum thing.  Does anyone doubt that, after we pull out of that troubled country, the Taliban will roar back into power?  Or, worse, a group sponsored by Iran?  An Iran which clearly has no love for “The Great Satan.”

                It’s a scenario eerily reminiscent of Vietnam.  The enemy we had beaten back and held somewhat at bay, took over the whole shooting match (probably an unfortunate term) once we pulled the flag down and got onboard the choppers.  Thousands of lives, millions of dollars wasted.

                And God help the poor bastards who helped us.  Human decency demands we take them back with us.

                Of course, I’m not saying throw good money at the bad.  Refusing to admit a mistake is what got Lyndon Johnson into trouble.  The problem in Vietnam was not the lack of a stated goal, but the lack of a will to do what was needed to get it done to see it through.  When the need to “go Roman” was apparent, we chose to “go French.”

                The problem in Afghanistan was that, beyond dismantling a terror network, there really was no stated goal.  Make the country a democratic stronghold?  Establish a bulwark against Iran?  China?  Russia?  Prevent a repeat of 9/11?  Ensure the viability of the poppy trade (ah, my cynical side bursts through)?  All of it?

                Don’t know.

                In any event, I guarantee that something will fill that vacuum. 

                I doubt Russia will.  They had their hands full with that place in the 80s.  The Russians may not feel it’s worth the effort anymore, despite the fact that the bordering nations (the “Stans”) were once part of the Soviet Union.  China?  Maybe.  What would it benefit the Chinese?  It’s a landlocked mountainous country, but it has a grunch of mineral resources, including natural gas and oil.  So, yeah, sure, that could tempt Beijing.

“You can be for keeping that pisshole in snow!”

                Iran.  Now there’s the more likely contender, in my opinion.  Or at least a Tehran-sponsored terrorist network.  A network only too willing to dance to the tune of their mullah bandleaders.

                At the very least, peace, love, and Kumbaya won’t break out in Kabul once we’ve left the stage, of that you can be sure.

                You know what, though?  I don’t care.  If people aren’t willing to fight for their freedoms without big brother standing over their shoulder (hell, we’ve got enough of them here), than maybe you weren’t worth all the trouble in the first place.

                Will the United States see a return to the early twenty-first century if we say sayonara to Central Asia?  Are we at risk of another 9/11 style of attack?  Possibly.  To avoid that, it’s incumbent upon us to have a competent intelligence network (I wrote that with a straight face) which can alert us to any nefarious goings-on.  I realize that’s a tall order given the preoccupation of far too many with racist Math books, Fauci-Worship, and plastic potato penises.  We must pull our heads out of the “Woke Hole,” though,  to concentrate on the important stuff.

“This is such bullshit! I never had a penis! Unlike Caitlyn Jenner.”

                I realize that I could be wrong and dangerously short-sighted.  Only though American strength abroad can we guarantee American peace at home, many will contend.  Not for nothing, I’m wondering how safe the citizens of Portland feel?

                After all, we’ve maintained troops in Germany, Japan, and South Korea for decades, they say.  See how we’ve ensured peace?  Murica!

                Well, I counter with that may have made sense in the 40s, but don’t kid yourselves.  It was about the Soviet Union and North Korea.  Those occupied countries (sorry, but that’s what they are) have done pretty good for themselves, primarily on our defense dime.    Like I said, I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem if we bid them farewell, too.

                Far be it from me to agree with anything the demented muppet in the White House does, but it’s time to leave Afghanistan.  Sure, he’s appealing to his base and, yes, he’s going for political theater by calling for it on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on this country.  However, it’s ultimately the right thing to do.

                Trump called for it and I expressed the same thought processes then as I do now.  While I don’t feel like checking who applauded the action then, but condemn it now (partisan much?), my mind hasn’t changed.

                I won’t go so far as giving the Sniffer the benefit of the doubt because he’s looking to score political points.  I’ll just acknowledge that it’s time.

                The big difference between Trump and Biden, though?  I think people in Taiwan and Ukraine have every reason to be nervous.  What’s more, I think people in the United States should be nervous because Grampa Joe doesn’t realize his paper tiger doesn’t even have paper teeth and claws anymore.

The United States wouldn’t be perceived as a weak laughingstock by the bad actors of the world with a President Trump. The dude wasn’t perfect (e.g., tariffs), but he would protect this country if push came to shove. “America First” wasn’t just a campaign slogan to him.

                Now? Well, we may go to war over Taiwan, but we don’t have to worry about racist pancake syrup anymore.  

Are You Woke Enough?

“I’m old, I’m white, I’m woke. In fact, I just got up from my nap. COME ON MAN! If that isn’t woke, I don’t know what is!”

                Seriously. Are you? Bigot.

                Being “woke,” for those who do not know (I was blissfully ignorant of its present meaning for most of my life) was used to describe  literally not falling asleep or as slang for one’s suspicions of being cheated on by a romantic partner.  Surprisingly (once again, to me), it morphed into being used solely in the former sense.  Although, instead of describing narcoleptic misadventures, we were urged to be “woke” to social and racial injustice, especially in the wake of the Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown fiasco.

                It’s much more detailed than that, although not by a whole lot.  I won’t bore you with the excruciatingly long transformation to its present-day idiocy, though.  You’re welcome. 

                Let’s just put it this way.  If someone is sincerely urging you to be “woke,” they are a moron.

                Sadly, for far too many people, “wokeness” has supplanted common sense, logic, and critical thinking in our society.

                The Woke:

                1.  We must all wear masks (nay, two) so that we can get control of the Chinese Virus!

                Common Sense:

                A virus is going to do what a virus is going to do.  What is the end game?  Two weeks?  Two months?  Two years?  Forever?  Hand washing, keeping your distance where possible, not licking doorknobs are all prudent measures all of the time.  And, yes, being locked forever in a hermetically sealed plastic bubble will guarantee you won’t get COVID.  But, I’m sorry, if you are too scared to drive by yourself without wearing a mask, someone must be tying your shoes for you.  Still, if that’s how you roll, knock yourself out.  Just don’t expect me to join you in your mental illness.

                2.  Some people have contracted the Chinese Flu even though they’ve been vaccinated!


                Yes, that is troubling somewhat, but have any of the vaccines been touted as 100% effective against the virus?  No.  So, logically, a percentage will become affected.

                3.  The Idiot-in-Chief claims his mask fetish is not about politics.

                Critical Thinking:

                American citizens may need proof of vaccination before they can go to the ballgame.  But, hey, if you come crashing across the Southern border, who cares if you have the Wuhan Flu?  Not about politics?  Please.

                4.  A crushing tax burden will only stimulate the economy.

                Common Sense:


                5.  Vladimir Putin is a “killer” and we must  ship Ukraine millions of dollars of military equipment!


                Russia will see the United States as an adversary again. Yay, good ole Cold War days!

                6.  The Department of Defense will fund gender reassignment surgery!
                Critical Thinking:

                Rendering personnel undeployable for who knows how long will enhance the military’s primary mission of killing people and destroying things how?

                7.  Solar and wind energy will power the future!

                Common Sense:

                Solar and wind have a place, but fossil fuels are critical to our society and infrastructure.  Unless I imagined the Texas electrical grid shitting the bed.

                8.  We must actively rejoin the Paris Climate Accords!


                Despite being one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, China will not be bound by this agreement for a decade.  Meanwhile, the United States, even though it has substantially cut back on its own emissions, will happily trash its economy.

                9.  Our reliance on fossil fuels is a threat to the globe!  Everyone must do their part!

                Critical Thinking:

                John Kerry took a private jet to Iceland to receive an environmental award.

                10.  The sins of the son have nothing to do with the father!

                Common Sense:

                Okay, in this instance I agree.  I would never want to be held to account for the actions of my father.  I also didn’t think it was fair that more than a few people were condemning Ted Cruz because his dad allegedly had something to do with Kennedy’s assassination.  Now, if Hunter Biden’s monkeyshines have something to do with Grampa Joe…

                11.  Mr. Potato Head is a symbol of toxic masculinity!

                Critical Thinking:

                Mr. Potato Head never had a penis.  Caitlyn Jenner, on the other hand…

                12.  Demanding people show identification before they can vote is racist!

                Common Sense:

                Showing identification before you can receive the COVID vaccination is not.

                13.  Georgia’s Voting Law is racist!

                So, in a textbook example of the bigotry of low expectations, minorities are unable or too stupid to obtain identification.

                14.  Only people who make over $400,000 will see a tax increase!

                Critical Thinking:

                What happens when the cost of business increases?  The increased cost will be passed on to consumers.

                15.  Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game must be moved from Georgia because Georgia requires ID to vote!

                Common Sense:

                Let’s move it to Colorado.  Which requires ID to vote.

                16.  The entire state of Georgia must be boycotted!


                So, CNN will move from Atlanta?

                17.  ORANGE MAN BAD!

                Critical Thinking:

                Elect/select a demented muppet who will raise taxes, kill jobs, and exacerbate racial tensions.  Because UNITY!  The Woke are incapable of recognizing that their guy may not be the right answer either.

                18.  Black Lives Matter!

                Common Sense:

                Of course they do.  As do Hispanic lives, Asian lives, Indian lives, and White lives.

                19.  I got a $1,400 stimulus check because DEMOCRATS CARE!


                Taxpayer-funded, so everyone giddily pissing themselves are receiving their own money.  Plus, how much of the latest stimulus act actually went to COVID relief?  Bread and circuses, my friends, bread and circuses.

                20.  Lockdowns work! 

                Critical Thinking:

                What are the statewide infections/hospitalizations/deaths rates of New York/California compared to Florida/Texas?

                I could go on and on.  When the Babylon Bee looks like a reputable news site compared to the New York Times, you know you’re in trouble.  Examples of woke foolishness are legion; the most difficult job is to decide which one to tackle.

Unfortunately, I will never be lacking for material.

                Notice I mentioned nothing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

                But, I could have.  

Get Off My Lawn

                Part of the reality of being retired from the armed forces is that we gray hairs sometimes belittle those who followed us as being soft.  Our generation had it tougher than the youngsters (not confined to a single generation, I’m sure Cold Warriors would be called “pussies” by those who fought the Nazis).   More than once I’ve read complaints from my fellow veterans that kids today wouldn’t know a real conflict if it snuck up and shoved a bayonet up their ass.

                I do my utmost not to echo these sentiments.  Sadly, I’m not always successful.   I’ll admit, the “cranky-old-man” vibe is often irresistible when I see Sailors (in camouflage uniforms-I’ll never get used to that) strolling through the local mall glued to their smartphones while holding a cup of kiwi frozen yogurt.  Why, “back in my day” we wouldn’t have been caught dead doing that.

                Never mind that smartphones weren’t invented until after I retired.

                I wonder how the military would do if they were ever called upon to confront an existential threat.  I’m not talking about bullshit gender wars or the fiction of widespread extremism.  And don’t get me started about troops sporting face diapers.  No, I’m talking about an Iranian submarine that decides to slam a few torpedoes into an aircraft carrier.

                Would they blanch at the thought of risking life and limb to defend some ridiculously outmoded idea of freedom?  Worse, would their civilian leadership not deem it a priority?  Like in Vietnam, would the military be hamstrung by a geriatric dope in Washington who can’t even negotiate a flight of stairs?

                While I increasingly worry about those leading them, I can’t help but admire those in the Middle East or who man our warships for months without a port visit.  They’ve done admirably, so I pray we would be fine.  Still, I wonder…

                What would happen, for example, if China finally decided to invade Taiwan?   

“Don’t worry, Dear Reader, he could have said you, too.”

                Speaking of “leadership”…

                It is clear to any student of history that there are many parallels between the decay of the Roman Empire and the arguable decay of the United States.

                In fact, many of these similarities are so clear that they could easily form the backbone of a Middle School research paper.  Moral decline, military disasters, a tax burden spread on a decreasing tax base, “bread and circuses,” devaluation of the currency, deterioration of what it meant to actually be a Roman, and so on were all low-hanging fruit.  When juxtaposed against American society in the 21st Century, the comparison is apt.

                Trust me, when I was in Middle School (we called it Junior High School back then), I wrote such a paper.  My history teacher, while giving me high marks, no doubt thought to himself, “Yeah, well, that’s obvious.  But, he’s only in 9th grade, after all.”

                Whenever the topic would come up, though, I always argued that the biggest difference between Rome and the United States was that the emperors counted on support of the legions.  To them, the military was their own personal branch of government.  True, some emperors were ousted by the army, but they fell at the hands of another man who used his legions as his own enforcers.

                Not so in the United States, I maintained.  The American military had since its inception been apolitical.  The military swore an oath to support the Constitution.  Not some emperor.  Or president.

                So, it is with that in mind that I find Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s mandate that the U.S. military conduct a 60-day standdown to root out “extremism” most disturbing.  Of course, if there were widespread extremism and hatred in the armed forces, I’d applaud this effort.  If this was in response not only to events on January 6th, but to the carnage wrought by Antifa and BLM last summer, he could count on me for support.

                However, it’s not so he can’t.  Even more, since Austin is a Grandpa Joe appointee, yeah, I’m cynical.  Is “extremist” code for “Republican?”  Has upper military leadership, officer and enlisted, been assimilated into the Borg-like collective known as “wokeness?”

                It seems the Pentagon is increasingly more worried about diversity, social engineering, maternity flight suits, and whether we should pay for that lieutenant who wants to cut his dick off than the real reasons for which a country even has a military:  breaking things and killing people.  I’m sorry if this trods upon your tender sensitivities.  Good  time rock and roll touchy  feely nonsense  may be wonderful at Facebook or in faculty lounges, but to quote Colonel Jessup from A Few Good Men, “…we live in a world with walls and those walls have to be  guarded by men with guns.”

                Sidebar, your honor?  Jessup said “men,” but if anyone is qualified to do so when the need arises (not during post-op from a self-imposed mutilation procedure), by all means they need to be allowed to do so.

                I so desperately wish that we lived in a world where walls weren’t necessary (especially around the GD Capitol), a military wasn’t irreplaceable, or that all of mankind shared the same notions as our college campus social justice warriors or hypocrites who give a wink and a nod to these pinheads while grabbing all the power they can.

                But, we don’t.  There will always be barbarians at the gates.  Worse, we have idealists within who would be thrilled to throw the gates wide open for them.  After all, aren’t we all part of the same family?

                Surely, all anyone wants is to embrace the better angels of our nature, you bigot.   Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Josef Stalin, and Saddam Hussein were just misunderstood, is all.

                When you concentrate on things other than why you put a weapon in the hands of young men and women  in the first place, you put them in serious peril.  When you become an arm of the ruling class, you put the entire country in serious peril.

                Those of us who know history have seen this movie before.

The Good Liberal

NOTE: Not a plastic potato in sight.

                Liberals see the world as it should be.  I wish they were right.

                Conservatives, on the other hand, see the world for what it has been, is now, and always will be.  Yes, it sucks, but that’s just the way it is.

                Most Liberals, and I use that term rather than “Democrat” (just like I use “Conservative” rather than “Republican”-established political parties are self-serving parasites), are decent people.  They earnestly hope for a world that will never be and yearn for a society which attends to the betterment of all.  All for one, one for all, we’re all in this together.  Honorable, decent.

                These are good Liberals.

                They are also wrong.

                Nothing in the history of mankind indicates that much of… mankind won’t look out for their own best interests when push comes to shove.  Sure, they may take care of their families or even close friends when the going gets tough.  Maybe.  However, when it comes to a faceless mass of humanity on the other side of the world?  Yeah, good luck with that.

                In my mind, Socialism and Communism are in and of themselves fantastic concepts if proposed in a vacuum devoid of people.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people actually took care of each other?  To quote a phrase,  “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  This would be a wonderful world if everyone sincerely believed that.

                However, that form of society is anathema.  For as long as there are those who would let the other poor sucker work so they could get a handout, the utopian society will never work.  At the risk of sounding vulgar, there will always be slack asses among us.  And all the “pollyanna pie in the sky” wishing won’t change that.

                Why do you think Captain John Smith of the Jamestown Plantation stated (and I paraphrase), “those who will not work shall not eat.”?

                Even if everyone in the United States was fully behind embracing humanity (it isn’t), you’d still have the rest of the world with which to contend.  Many parts of which (I’m talking to you, China) would love to dominate a country which frets about a penis on a plastic potato, a cartoon skunk rapist,  or whether pregnant aircrew should have maternity flight suits.

                In the meantime, more than a few of our fellow Americans are playing the “thank you, sir, may I have another?” game while giving handjobs to each other in the Woke Olympics.

                I met a good Liberal the other day at the International House of Pancakes.  When the topic of the “COVID Relief Package” came up (frankly, I would have preferred debating the differences between hash browns and home fries), she glossed right over the fact that the majority of the monstrosity signed by Grandpa Joe won’t actually go to COVID relief.  The fact that MILLIONS will instead be slotted for global distribution didn’t bother her a bit.

                She claimed that, as a rich country, the United States had an obligation to help others.  She maintained that you would help out your family.  Why not do the right thing and help out the unfortunate around the world?

                This all sounded terrific and highlights what a good Liberal is.  Of course you should help out others.  Absolutely you should spread the wealth.  I get it.  I make financial contributions and help out the needy myself.  Because I can.

                But, want in one hand, shit in the other…

                What she didn’t quite get, and I wasn’t prepared to debate her  (because…pancakes), is that the United States doesn’t have the money anymore.  Just because your magic printing press is prepared to spit out the golden goose doesn’t make it smart policy to do so.  And I firmly believe that the poor and homeless of America (I see them nearly every day) should be cared for before we send truckloads of cash to fund Pakistani gender studies.

                Incidentally, I’d be curious how the United States ranks among the other nations of the world when it came to foreign aid.  I don’t much feel like doing any research, but I’ll bet a paycheck that it’s more per capita than, say, France. 

                The thing is, stuck as she was in the idealism of the 1960s, she firmly believed she was right.  I admit, if we had the largesse to do this, she would be right.  But, we don’t.  So, she is wrong.  She’s a good Liberal, but she is wrong.

                NOTE:  Luckily, the GOOD Liberals far outnumber the BATSHIT CRAZY ones.  Full Disclosure?  There are also BATSHIT CRAZY Conservatives.  So, there’s that.

                Bottom line, though.  She is clearly a decent human being (and not just because she gave me her ketchup).  I would consider her a friend.  I know many others like her and enjoy their company, as well.  A man I consider to be my best friend, and who I have known for 44 years, would agree with her completely.

                I do not reject them as inferior human beings.  That would be wrong.

                I just wish their version of the world was the correct one.

                That is also wrong.

I Can’t Be the Only One

Imagine if Nixon had one of these.

                You would think coming up with a topic would be a challenge.  Not so.  To be honest, there is no shortage of observations of this crazy world upon which to pontificate discuss.  The real challenge is to grab one of the abundant topics from the “Lunatic Merry-Go-Round” and have at it.

                The big problem is that much of the ridiculous is time-critical.  This means that by the time I get  to it (I only write “Just An Observation” once a week, don’tcha know), it could be yesterday’s lunch.

                For example, I wanted to weigh in on what I thought about Ted Cruz’s trip to Mexico.  However, that has been overshadowed by allegations against that arrogant pig, Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Suess, and the gender of a plastic potato.

                For the record, my opinion on Cruz’s trip to Mexico is that the hysteria was overblown. Is there really anything a United States Senator could do in the wake of a devastating mid-winter freeze in Texas?  Of course not.  But, still, to use the tired old cliche, bad optics…no, I would not have done it.

                On the other hand, are Liberals given a free pass for their “Let Them Eat Cake” moments?  Of course they are.

                Is Ted Cruz in Mexico on the same level as Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry?  Seriously?

                In my mind, they both sent the wrong message.  Also in my mind, one was way worse than the other.  It’s like stealing a candy bar versus robbing a bank.

                Both are wrong.

                As far as Mr. Potato Head?  How fair is it that Caitlyn Jenner is allowed to have a gender when the perforated spud cannot?  Especially since Mr. Potato Head never had a penis in the first place.

                Yeah, I can’t be the only one who thinks these things.

                But, those are not the topics of today’s discussion. 

                When I stop to consider something in the news or in life, I’ll form an opinion or develop a course of action.  I’ll calm any self-doubts I may have with the thought, “I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks this.”

                So, it is again.

                First, let me state unequivocally that I am a Conservative.  I am not a Republican.  Neither am I a Libertarian.

                I believe in:

1.  A small government.

2.  The smallest taxes assessed to every American.  In fact, a flat tax rate would be great.

3.  A strong defense.

4.  The right to life, including the unborn.  If a microbe on Mars can be considered life, why is a fetus considered just a “clump of cells?”

5.  The right to keep and bear arms.

6.  A welfare system that gives to those unable to do for themselves, not unwilling to do for themselves.  In any case, my tax dollars should only be spent on American citizens.

7. A capitalist system.  Equal opportunity.  NOT equal outcome.

8.  States’ Rights.  Believe it or not, that also includes the right of governors to run their states as they see fit, including the power-mad despots of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, California, and so on.  The federal government has zero business telling them how to run the show, as crazy (NOT illegal) as it may be.

9  Respect for all.  Race, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Politics, Choice of footwear…doesn’t matter.  Respect me, I respect you.  If in doubt, be kind.

10.  When all else fails, the United States Constitution.

                There’s more, but I need to keep this to a minimum.       

Anyway, I also believe that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.  I held my nose when I voted for him in 2016, because I judged Hillary Clinton to be infinitely worse.  Just  as much as the demented old fossil currently in the White House (jury’s out whether he knows where is).  To me, it was a “lesser of two evils” kind of thing.

                During his presidency, I wanted to feel comfortable about who I helped elect.  While he wasn’t as bad as I feared, there were more than a couple of “face palm” times.  Ben Shapiro put it perfectly when he described it as “Good Trump/Bad Trump.”  I could also add “Silly Trump” (I’m talking to you, Space Force).

                Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the disastrous November election, he reverted to the Trump I feared we’d see.  I agree that there is no way that moron from Delaware was the most popular president in history.  It’s clear to anyone with a brain that the Chinese Flu was the best thing to ever happen to the Democratic Party.  Something smells and it ain’t baccala (Italian Cod.  You’re welcome).

                But, once he expressed his understandable indignation, he should have just shut the hell up.  Pursue legal challenges, get the finest lawyers working on the case not named Rudy Giuliani, and never give up the fight (can I say ‘fight’?).  And no, do not concede.

                For the love of God, though, keep your piehole closed.

                When Trump refused to be quiet, refuse to appear to be anything other than a butthurt child, refuse to make it more than about him, he lost some people. Including me.

                As with Cruz, optics.  May not be fair, but that’s the environment in which we find ourselves. Remember? Dickless Mr. Potato Head.

                And, to paraphrase, I can’t be the only one.

                Don’t worry.  I’ve not gone to the Dark Side and never will.  It’s just that I’d be interested in hearing other options.

                Yes, the past four years were great.  There is no doubt in my mind.  Unfortunately, though, this became about more than his policies.  Aided by a shamefully complicit media (et tu, Fox News), it became Orange Man Bad.

                Apparently, mean tweets trump (no pun intended) closing the Keystone Pipeline.  You idiots. 

                The result is that the next four years may will be incredibly bad.  And, if Doddering Grampa is ushered off to a Wilmington Old Folks Home and we get President Chlamydia Harris, they could be unbelievably bad.

                This is why I’m upset at Trump.  It didn’t have to be this way.

                Now, we’re faced with the prospect of Donald Trump running in 2024.  This may work.  This may not.  Who knows?  I didn’t give him a prayer of securing the nomination in 2016, either.  I was wrong.

                In fact, Trump wasn’t even “my guy” in the primaries.  I held Cruz, Rubio, and Carson ahead of him.  I supported him above Chris Christie, though, despite the Zoftig Guv’s promise of a “Doughnut In Every Pot.”

                I vividly recall the debates I had with those friends who were Trump folks.   All good people, they made good arguments, but I thought they were wrong.  I even compared Trump to the Mussolini who wanted a new Roman Empire. I thought it sounded a lot like “Make America Great Again”.

                At least one friend agreed with me.  In other words, I wasn’t the only one.

            When “The Donald” ultimately got the nomination, I was surprised.  However, the competition was either evil (Hillary) or batshit crazy (hello, Bernie).  So, yeah, not much of a choice there.

                I was gladdened when Trump did a lot of good things.  I was troubled by his bombastic approach to a lot of things, though.  Still, I felt pride in my country.  Much more so than during the apology tour and the hillbilly laughingstock of the Cigar Olympics.

                “W” was no prize, but neither was he the boobs that his predecessor and successors had been.

                I understood, but did not agree with, accusations of Trump being a bully.

                My feelings that Trump did not have partisans so much as “fans” only grew as the election approached.  Miles of trucks clogging the interstate or huge boat shows only intensified these feelings.  No violence, to be sure (like election fraud, I’m not convinced there’s not something fishy about January 6th, either), but this fervor surpassed that for Elvis.

                Then, when I witnessed his performance at CPAC (really not a bad speech) capped off by a gold statue of him, I really began to worry.

                Please let it be Cruz, DeSantis, Noem, Owens, or even McCarthy.  Have Trump endorse those candidates.  Now that would harness true presidential power, backed by millions of supporters and fans, in a fight that would be well fought.

                Unfortunately, I think this is personal to Trump.  So, to hope that he would concede the spotlight to anyone else may be a hope in vain.

                No matter how good his policies or kept promises are, there are those will NOT see past Orange Man Bad.  If the Chinese Flu has taught us anything is that common sense, critical thinking, and logic are as common as honor in the House of Representatives.

                If he runs for President again, I may find myself in the very same spot with my friends for the 2023-24 primaries as I found myself in 2015-16.  I love you guys, but that’s how it may go.  If he gets the nomination, I of course will join your support for him. 

                Even though we may see President Trump back in the White House in January, 2025, I’ll probably be a little uneasy throughout the campaign.

                And I can’t be the only one.

I thought that statue looked oddly familiar.

Crazy and Batshit Crazy

                Today is the 79th anniversary of Executive Order 9066.  I know, I forgot to pick up something at Hallmark’s, too.

                For those who do not know what Executive Order 9066 is, don’t feel too badly.  I didn’t know what it was either until I did a little digging.  You see, I’m willing to do a little research so you three readers don’t have to.    I will say this, though, once I start talking about it, you’ll recognize it as one of the most shameful episodes in American history, this side of anything Clinton.

                EO 9066 was issued on February 19, 1942 by Savior President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor (incidentally, I’m not convinced the administration didn’t know the attack was coming.  Surprised by the severity, yes.  But, not the event.  Another story for another day).  It directed all persons on the West Coast (and Hawaii) of Japanese descent to relocate to internment camps.  No sense taking a chance with those people, you know.  Never mind that there were thousands, if not millions, of Americans with German and Italian heritage throughout the nation.  They look like us, so shut up.  Hater.

                The Japanese were strange-looking, after all, and must be kept where real Americans could keep an eye on them.

                This was challenged in the Supreme Court by a man who refused to leave the exclusion zone, Fred Korematsu.  He maintained that the decision by the dictator president was racially motivated and thus, unconstitutional.

                Tragically for Mr. Korematsu, Associate Justice Hugo Black wrote the majority opinion that the needs of the country outweighed the needs of a small minority.  Safety must take precedence over freedom.  Sound familiar?

                So, the end result was that 120,000 people cooled their heels in concentration camps for the duration, 62% OF WHOM WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS.

                If this does not give the lie to the fact that the Supreme Court is infallible, nothing will.  Unless you’re talking about Dred Scott or Plessy vs. Ferguson.

                What is amazing to me is that some people, while acknowledging that this indeed was systemic racism, refuse to hold the Democratic Party responsible.  If the Korematsu affair was an isolated travesty, I could maybe understand it (yeah, no, I couldn’t).  Sadly, it continues to this day.  From the Ted Kennedy Underwater Driving School to “you ain’t black,” I am positively flummoxed that the Dems have any adherents at all.

                A perfect example of this is the actor and noted crazy person, George Takei (you may know him as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek or The Green Berets).  His entire family was scooped up and held prisoner for years.  Yet, Mr. “Oh My!” continues to laud the Democratic Party and worship his god, FDR.

                This is what’s called “batshit crazy.”

                There will always be run-of-the-mill crazy, to be sure.  And it’s not the sole province of the Left, either; some in the Right are positively nuts, as well.  Likewise, some Conservatives are also batshit crazy.

                It’s just that more jackasses than elephants consider themselves “progressive,” while being nothing of the sort.  Unless they’re misspelling “totalitarian.”  Could be.  A lot of them aren’t terribly smart.

                Examples of this abound. I don’t have enough time or skin on my typing fingers to list them all.

                Let’s just concentrate on one modern-day example, the Religion of Transgenderism.  Now, look, if you want to lop off or add a particular body part, that’s your business.  I don’t care.  Just don’t expect me to pay for it.  Or even consider that what you’re doing is the pinnacle of mental health. 

                Because, sorry Caitlyn, it ain’t.

                But, still, whatever.

                Where this whole movement strays into “batshit crazy” territory are biological males barging into  women’s athletics.  Professing they have a right to be who they think they are, these gorillas with bumpy chests are competing with genuine females.  The result is that a lot (if not most) of them are dominating their competition via bigger body mass and increased strength.

                Where are the feminists here?  How in the world can they do nothing while women’s sports are being rendered into irrelevancy?  Oh, I know.  Because that’s the agenda of the Left.  And like with Korematsu, that’s okay.

                Golf?  Okay.  Sailing?  Sure.  Bowling?  Is that a sport?  Billiards?  Oh, come on, now you’re being silly.

                But, track, wrestling, field hockey, and mixed martial arts fighting?  Are you batshit crazy?

                Thank goodness the disease hasn’t infected professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  Yet.  Because it’s about money.  But, don’t hold your breath.  I wouldn’t put it past those knuckleheads.

                Recently, a transgender MMA athlete, Fallon Fox, broke the skull of her/his/its opponent.  Rather than being horrified that this altered specimen beat up on a woman (who, let’s be fair, could probably beat the crap out of me), there are more than a few who think that he/she/it is, in the words of blogger Cyd Zeigler, the “bravest athlete in American history.”

                Okay, I’m an old guy.  I was brought up that it was never okay for a man to beat up a girl.  Even if it was Whoopi Goldberg (she’s a girl, right?).  Nowadays, some people seem to be okay with it in the name of “progress.”

                Well, I’m not okay with it.  That there are some who think what Fox did is the epitome of bravery (who ARE you people?) makes me realize that, despite Idiot Joe’s call for “unity,” there is just no talking to some people.  They are irrevocably lost.

                I just want my check because I want to get off the world.

                Not before I buy a Korematsu Sympathy Card, though.

                George Takei won’t be getting one.

The New York Jets of Impeachment*

“He incited an insurrection and he writes mean tweets!”

                Was there any doubt as to how this ridiculous sham of an impeachment trial would go?  Did ANYone (with a brain) actually think Donald Trump would be convicted and thus barred from seeking further office?  Will Richard Nixon’s corpse be exhumed so that Nancy Pelosi can parade it before the House for high crimes, misdemeanors, and halitosis?

               Ludicrous?  Of course, but that hasn’t stopped the Speaker of the House before.  After all, she desperately wanted to improve on her 0-1 record when it came to obtaining a conviction of a president.  Never mind that he is no longer in office.

SPOILER: She didn’t.

                So now that three presidents have been impeached four times, where does that leave us?  First, there have been four impeachments.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve read breathlessly ignorant and outraged, “Donald Trump needs to be impeached now!”

             After he was impeached.  Twice.  Seriously, I got tired of having to explain how this whole process worked to numbskulls.  I’ll freely admit that there are, more than likely, conservative numbskulls.  A lot fewer, but I’m sure there are.

                Second, have any of the impeachments not been purely political affairs? 

                The closest would be that of Andrew Johnson in 1868, who missed being convicted and tossed by only one vote.  A case could be made (and was) that he deserved to be thrown out of office for his highhanded management of Reconstruction and Cabinet appointments.  Even so, I suspect that partisanship played a huge role.  Johnson, even though Lincoln’s vice-president, was a Democrat Southerner.  The Congress was Republican.

                Clinton?  Well, even though I heartily enjoyed the Boner-in-Chief being held to count for lying to Congress, I can see (not agree with) the other side’s point.  If you seriously think impeachment or the trial weren’t political affairs. consider that the House was in Republican hands.  The Senate, even though the Democrats were in the minority, couldn’t muster up the 67 votes necessary to send Bubba packing to Arkansas.  Add to that, every single Democrat voted for acquittal, aided by five Republicans (there’s a shocker), and you have Bill emerging unscathed, nay the recipient of increased popularity.

                Does anyone think he would have been impeached if the House of Representatives was controlled by Democrats?  Bitch, please.

                As far as the impeachments of Donald Trump?  Yes, these were purely in defense of the nation’s interests.  And, if you buy that…

                Questions of constitutionality aside, there was no doubt that this ridiculous waste of time and money was an an unhinged quest for revenge by the Vampire of the House and Snow Miser of the Senate.  By the way, if you think Chuckie doesn’t resemble the character from The Year Without a Santa Claus, please let Google be your friend.  Why Drunk Vampira thought this charade had a prayer of getting the two thirds necessary for conviction, even with quislings from the GOP and even though the Senate is now run by Leftists, is beyond me.

                What motivates this kind of deranged logic?  Surely it can’t be to bring the nation together?  This further polarizes Americans.  Kinda makes a laughingstock of the Idiot-in-Chief’s ridiculous “unity” bullshit, doesn’t it?

                Then again, Pelosi pulled this crap last year. as well.  I was amazed that she did so.  That she doubled down this year is even more baffling.

                I dearly hope the motivations aren’t nefarious.  I sincerely do.  Sadly, nothing much, especially lately, has convinced me otherwise.

                Mostly because I probably don’t have a life, I paid attention to some of the proceedings.  I didn’t watch it on television, mind you.  I didn’t want to risk being enraged to the point of throwing a shoe at it.  After all, I’m not the Iraqi Parliament. But, I did read recaps of what went on.

                Initially, I was dismayed over the performance of that moron, Bruce Castor, allegedly assigned to defend Trump (with friends like this…).  I was worried that his rambling incoherence would cause most Senators to think that maybe Orange Man really was bad.

                Then, I calmed down.  I realized that, no matter what he said or how he said it, Republican senators would by and large support the former president.  Even though unbelievable fools such as the butthurt Mitt Romney weren’t in Trump’s camp, the fix was in.

                Incidentally, Mittens was savaged by leftist media when he dared run against Slappy the Savior from Hawaii, Kenya, Illinois.  Blessings be upon him.  I guess he’s gotten over it. Trump writes mean things, you know.

                Jesus Christ himself could have come down for the prosecution and folks such as Ted Cruz would never convict.

                Then, on Friday, I listened to Sean Hannity laud the masterful performance by the team for the ex-president.  They had eaten the lunch of impeachment managers, he claimed.  “Let not your heart be troubled,” he consoled us.

                Then, on Saturday, the Senate voted for witnesses.  Before they didn’t.  I didn’t care, because no one would be swayed.  Democrat Senators would do what Snow Miser directed.  Republican senators, with a few exceptions, would follow their brains.

                Partisanship, not objectivity, would rule the day.

                But, it didn’t matter.  There was no way the Clown Show would come up with the two-thirds necessary to convict.  It didn’t matter what you thought of Trump, he would be acquitted.   Luckily, the Senate voted on Saturday.  The nation would be spared further angst-ridden knees-bent running about. 

                FULL DISCLOSURE:  I was happy with the outcome.  But, no frikkin’ way was I surprised.

                Huzzah!  The mature, reasoned statesman (and women) of Congress would now be free to carry on the nation’s business.


                The New York Jets have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl.

*While I’d love to take credit for this, this belongs to Steven Crowder in his post, (and I paraphrase), “Nancy Pelosi is the Pelosiest of Them All.”

Blinded By Science!

                During the past year, we’ve been subjected to the condescending “Follow the science!” mostly from the Left.  Occasionally, they’re joined by scolding from terrified people who we thought actually had brains are sometimes heard.  These people make me sad most of all.

                But, lamenting about those who have eschewed logic, common sense, and critical thought is not really the point of today’s essay, which hopefully will be read by more than two people.  Although I’m not holding my breath (I could die).  On the bright side, one of the benefits to not being as well-read as I would like is that I don’t have to pay as much attention to what I was writing as if I was…uh…well-read (see what I mean?).  For all that it matters, I could write just about anything here and give as much a crap about sentence structure and proper grammar as any third-grader.  Or Stephen King.

                But enough nonconstructive whining for now.  After all, I have two readers I need to consider.  They pay (no they don’t) for hard-hitting content, dammit!

                To continue…

                “Follow the science!” is as irksome as the maddening “The science is settled!”, even though it should more properly be, “Follow the Science Which Agrees With Our Agenda!”  If people honestly and truly believed in science, public schools throughout the country would all be open.

                Whenever I read or hear some pinhead pompously proclaim “Follow the Science!” to those they deem intellectually inferior , I counter with:

                Also science:
                1.  There are more than two genders.

                2.  Much of the East Coast will be underwater by the 21st century.

                3.  The Earth will soon undergo an Ice Age.

                4.  More doctors prefer Camels than any other cigarette.

                5.  We need to bleed the patient in order to release demons and evil humours.

                6.  Anyone who professes that the Earth revolves around the Sun is guilty of heresy!

                There’s many more, but you get my point.

                I’ve never been challenged on this.  As is the way of most deranged Progressives, instead of debating the point intelligently, I’m accused of being a racist or some other such baloney.

                What do I know anyhow?  I’m just an old, white guy.  Like…the president.

                Yesterday, though, I was challenged.  Interestingly, rather than be relieved that someone wanted to refute my points, I was distressed over his indoctrinated ignorance.

                After being accused of constructing a strawman, I put it to him, “So, these things were never said?”

                In reply, he told me that, “Sure they were, but with the exception of #1, they were said a long time ago.”  And, even then, he continued,  #1 expresses a false “gender bimodal construct” (seriously, whatever TF THAT means!).

                I told him that he was making my point exactly.

                Without going into a longwinded recap of what was further debated (after all, I have to consider those two readers.  I’m sure they have important things to do), suffice to say I was lectured that science had progressed since the 17th century.  To his mind, science had reached its apex (in other words, dare I say it, the science is settled).

                Now, for all I know, wearing masks (i.e., face diapers) in the grocery store or shower could be a valid scientific practice.  It’s not, but let’s give the dopes the benefit of the doubt.

                I maintained that it is the height of arrogance to think that we know all that is knowable, that those in the past were mere bumpkins.  To him, it is inconceivable that science could possibly be wrong about something now.  Never mind that science was often wrong then.

                This is the 21st century, by God (a god that is denied by a lot of science, by the way)!

                Who’s to say that someone in the 22nd century won’t take one look at the early 21st century and think, good grief, they thought what?

                NOTE:  A similar corollary to this is the belief that, if the Supreme Court pronounces something, it surely must be gospel.  The esteemed justices cannot possibly be wrong.  Never mind Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, and Koramatsu.  But, I digress…

                Once again, do not get me wrong.  Maybe these knuckleheads are right.  They’re not, but maybe they are.  Science is a wonderful part of society that has bestowed countless benefits to…uh…society (don’t need to look for synonyms when you write for a scant audience). 

                However, it is a dangerous hubris to stifle any discussion or opposing points of view because you think that you know all there is to know.  By doing so, you are in very real danger of turning into the same type of closedminded thought police who threw Galileo Galilei into house arrest in 1632 for the rest of his life because he dared question Church doctrine on heliocentrism.

                Imagine if the Pope had Twitter.