The New York Jets of Impeachment*

“He incited an insurrection and he writes mean tweets!”

                Was there any doubt as to how this ridiculous sham of an impeachment trial would go?  Did ANYone (with a brain) actually think Donald Trump would be convicted and thus barred from seeking further office?  Will Richard Nixon’s corpse be exhumed so that Nancy Pelosi can parade it before the House for high crimes, misdemeanors, and halitosis?

               Ludicrous?  Of course, but that hasn’t stopped the Speaker of the House before.  After all, she desperately wanted to improve on her 0-1 record when it came to obtaining a conviction of a president.  Never mind that he is no longer in office.

SPOILER: She didn’t.

                So now that three presidents have been impeached four times, where does that leave us?  First, there have been four impeachments.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve read breathlessly ignorant and outraged, “Donald Trump needs to be impeached now!”

             After he was impeached.  Twice.  Seriously, I got tired of having to explain how this whole process worked to numbskulls.  I’ll freely admit that there are, more than likely, conservative numbskulls.  A lot fewer, but I’m sure there are.

                Second, have any of the impeachments not been purely political affairs? 

                The closest would be that of Andrew Johnson in 1868, who missed being convicted and tossed by only one vote.  A case could be made (and was) that he deserved to be thrown out of office for his highhanded management of Reconstruction and Cabinet appointments.  Even so, I suspect that partisanship played a huge role.  Johnson, even though Lincoln’s vice-president, was a Democrat Southerner.  The Congress was Republican.

                Clinton?  Well, even though I heartily enjoyed the Boner-in-Chief being held to count for lying to Congress, I can see (not agree with) the other side’s point.  If you seriously think impeachment or the trial weren’t political affairs. consider that the House was in Republican hands.  The Senate, even though the Democrats were in the minority, couldn’t muster up the 67 votes necessary to send Bubba packing to Arkansas.  Add to that, every single Democrat voted for acquittal, aided by five Republicans (there’s a shocker), and you have Bill emerging unscathed, nay the recipient of increased popularity.

                Does anyone think he would have been impeached if the House of Representatives was controlled by Democrats?  Bitch, please.

                As far as the impeachments of Donald Trump?  Yes, these were purely in defense of the nation’s interests.  And, if you buy that…

                Questions of constitutionality aside, there was no doubt that this ridiculous waste of time and money was an an unhinged quest for revenge by the Vampire of the House and Snow Miser of the Senate.  By the way, if you think Chuckie doesn’t resemble the character from The Year Without a Santa Claus, please let Google be your friend.  Why Drunk Vampira thought this charade had a prayer of getting the two thirds necessary for conviction, even with quislings from the GOP and even though the Senate is now run by Leftists, is beyond me.

                What motivates this kind of deranged logic?  Surely it can’t be to bring the nation together?  This further polarizes Americans.  Kinda makes a laughingstock of the Idiot-in-Chief’s ridiculous “unity” bullshit, doesn’t it?

                Then again, Pelosi pulled this crap last year. as well.  I was amazed that she did so.  That she doubled down this year is even more baffling.

                I dearly hope the motivations aren’t nefarious.  I sincerely do.  Sadly, nothing much, especially lately, has convinced me otherwise.

                Mostly because I probably don’t have a life, I paid attention to some of the proceedings.  I didn’t watch it on television, mind you.  I didn’t want to risk being enraged to the point of throwing a shoe at it.  After all, I’m not the Iraqi Parliament. But, I did read recaps of what went on.

                Initially, I was dismayed over the performance of that moron, Bruce Castor, allegedly assigned to defend Trump (with friends like this…).  I was worried that his rambling incoherence would cause most Senators to think that maybe Orange Man really was bad.

                Then, I calmed down.  I realized that, no matter what he said or how he said it, Republican senators would by and large support the former president.  Even though unbelievable fools such as the butthurt Mitt Romney weren’t in Trump’s camp, the fix was in.

                Incidentally, Mittens was savaged by leftist media when he dared run against Slappy the Savior from Hawaii, Kenya, Illinois.  Blessings be upon him.  I guess he’s gotten over it. Trump writes mean things, you know.

                Jesus Christ himself could have come down for the prosecution and folks such as Ted Cruz would never convict.

                Then, on Friday, I listened to Sean Hannity laud the masterful performance by the team for the ex-president.  They had eaten the lunch of impeachment managers, he claimed.  “Let not your heart be troubled,” he consoled us.

                Then, on Saturday, the Senate voted for witnesses.  Before they didn’t.  I didn’t care, because no one would be swayed.  Democrat Senators would do what Snow Miser directed.  Republican senators, with a few exceptions, would follow their brains.

                Partisanship, not objectivity, would rule the day.

                But, it didn’t matter.  There was no way the Clown Show would come up with the two-thirds necessary to convict.  It didn’t matter what you thought of Trump, he would be acquitted.   Luckily, the Senate voted on Saturday.  The nation would be spared further angst-ridden knees-bent running about. 

                FULL DISCLOSURE:  I was happy with the outcome.  But, no frikkin’ way was I surprised.

                Huzzah!  The mature, reasoned statesman (and women) of Congress would now be free to carry on the nation’s business.


                The New York Jets have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl.

*While I’d love to take credit for this, this belongs to Steven Crowder in his post, (and I paraphrase), “Nancy Pelosi is the Pelosiest of Them All.”

Blinded By Science!

                During the past year, we’ve been subjected to the condescending “Follow the science!” mostly from the Left.  Occasionally, they’re joined by scolding from terrified people who we thought actually had brains are sometimes heard.  These people make me sad most of all.

                But, lamenting about those who have eschewed logic, common sense, and critical thought is not really the point of today’s essay, which hopefully will be read by more than two people.  Although I’m not holding my breath (I could die).  On the bright side, one of the benefits to not being as well-read as I would like is that I don’t have to pay as much attention to what I was writing as if I was…uh…well-read (see what I mean?).  For all that it matters, I could write just about anything here and give as much a crap about sentence structure and proper grammar as any third-grader.  Or Stephen King.

                But enough nonconstructive whining for now.  After all, I have two readers I need to consider.  They pay (no they don’t) for hard-hitting content, dammit!

                To continue…

                “Follow the science!” is as irksome as the maddening “The science is settled!”, even though it should more properly be, “Follow the Science Which Agrees With Our Agenda!”  If people honestly and truly believed in science, public schools throughout the country would all be open.

                Whenever I read or hear some pinhead pompously proclaim “Follow the Science!” to those they deem intellectually inferior , I counter with:

                Also science:
                1.  There are more than two genders.

                2.  Much of the East Coast will be underwater by the 21st century.

                3.  The Earth will soon undergo an Ice Age.

                4.  More doctors prefer Camels than any other cigarette.

                5.  We need to bleed the patient in order to release demons and evil humours.

                6.  Anyone who professes that the Earth revolves around the Sun is guilty of heresy!

                There’s many more, but you get my point.

                I’ve never been challenged on this.  As is the way of most deranged Progressives, instead of debating the point intelligently, I’m accused of being a racist or some other such baloney.

                What do I know anyhow?  I’m just an old, white guy.  Like…the president.

                Yesterday, though, I was challenged.  Interestingly, rather than be relieved that someone wanted to refute my points, I was distressed over his indoctrinated ignorance.

                After being accused of constructing a strawman, I put it to him, “So, these things were never said?”

                In reply, he told me that, “Sure they were, but with the exception of #1, they were said a long time ago.”  And, even then, he continued,  #1 expresses a false “gender bimodal construct” (seriously, whatever TF THAT means!).

                I told him that he was making my point exactly.

                Without going into a longwinded recap of what was further debated (after all, I have to consider those two readers.  I’m sure they have important things to do), suffice to say I was lectured that science had progressed since the 17th century.  To his mind, science had reached its apex (in other words, dare I say it, the science is settled).

                Now, for all I know, wearing masks (i.e., face diapers) in the grocery store or shower could be a valid scientific practice.  It’s not, but let’s give the dopes the benefit of the doubt.

                I maintained that it is the height of arrogance to think that we know all that is knowable, that those in the past were mere bumpkins.  To him, it is inconceivable that science could possibly be wrong about something now.  Never mind that science was often wrong then.

                This is the 21st century, by God (a god that is denied by a lot of science, by the way)!

                Who’s to say that someone in the 22nd century won’t take one look at the early 21st century and think, good grief, they thought what?

                NOTE:  A similar corollary to this is the belief that, if the Supreme Court pronounces something, it surely must be gospel.  The esteemed justices cannot possibly be wrong.  Never mind Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, and Koramatsu.  But, I digress…

                Once again, do not get me wrong.  Maybe these knuckleheads are right.  They’re not, but maybe they are.  Science is a wonderful part of society that has bestowed countless benefits to…uh…society (don’t need to look for synonyms when you write for a scant audience). 

                However, it is a dangerous hubris to stifle any discussion or opposing points of view because you think that you know all there is to know.  By doing so, you are in very real danger of turning into the same type of closedminded thought police who threw Galileo Galilei into house arrest in 1632 for the rest of his life because he dared question Church doctrine on heliocentrism.

                Imagine if the Pope had Twitter.

To MeWe or Not To MeWe

“You kids quit with that free speech or I’ll deplatform your ass!”

                That is the question.

                Most of you…well, most of you who are reading this…and that may be only two (including me)…realize that we’re in the middle of a cultural revolution.  Especially after the dumpster fire of an election which saw the coronation of a demented fossil and a morals-challenged harpy (no, I’m not talking to you, Hillary.  This time).  This is made worse by the fact that we can’t trust most of what we see anymore, anywhere (and, yes, Fox News, I AM talking to you).

                For the first time since I’ve been alive, I worry that those platforms to which I turn for news and information will no longer be available.  I’m afraid they’ll disappear from view because of absurd canards such as “racism,” “bigotry,” “hatred,  or “Orange Man Bad.”  The unbelievably ignorant and stupid (sometimes, these are the same people) would have you believe there is no difference.

                Add that “Black Lives Matter” has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Peace (a…Nobel…Peace…Prize) and it’s clear the lunatics have grabbed hold of the asylum. 

                While I could devote an entire column to the entirety of the shitshow unfolding around us, I’ll concentrate on just one part of the overall “shitshowedness” (not a real word):  that of social media.

                In the lead-up to the freak show of Election Day, social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube were squelching free speech.  They refused to publish anything which they deemed an affront to their “community standards.”  From refusing to acknowledge Hunter Biden’s peccadilloes (I’m positive that had I tried putting those three words on Facebook, I’d be banned) to anything which questioned the legitimacy of said demented fossil as president.  My Facebook account was even suspended for some unknown offense (which occurred in January…2019) and again last month,  for what I have no clue.

                Twitter had become a cesspool of hate, despair, and overall “butthurtedness” (once more, not a real word).  CEO Jack Dorsey (who looks like he’s auditioning for a biopic on Rasputin) piously complained that he wants Twitter to protect the innocent from evil thought.  What a goof that only conservative thought was affected while at the same time BLM, ANTIFA, and the mullahs in Iran continue to bloviate their vitriol.

                You Tube has its own issues, as well.  They’ve deplatformed Rudy Giuliani and demonetized other voices whom they found offensive.

                In response to these infringements on the First Amendment, I deleted my account at Twitter.  No loss, all the acid over there gave me angina.  And I’m getting to be too old to have angina.

                You Tube?  Yeah, I probably should have nothing to do with those guys, either.  But, I like the videos, especially the Critical Drinker Movie Reviews and “Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here].”  Those things are a hoot.  To say nothing of all the bitching about Game of Thrones.

                Apparently, Rumble is a good alternative.  I’ll probably end up over there eventually.

                As far as Facebook, I’ve cut down on my posting over there substantially.  While I would dearly love to cut ties with Zuckerberg’s monster, I really can’t at this time.  Too many of my family and friends use Facebook to pass important information.  For instance, were it not for Facebook, I would never have learned that my best friend’s mother had passed away.

                So, I’ll be staying with Facebook for a little while, at least.  But, I won’t be posting anything which could even remotely be considered controversial.

                And that’s a damn shame.  We need civil discourse if we’re to avoid devolving into a dystopian nightmare (tragically, there are those among us, thankfully a minority, who cheer this very same thing on).

                As far as whether I think these platforms should have the right to restrict what is posted, I most definitely think they do.   They are private enterprises, after all.  But…but, there is no way that they should be protected by the government for what they do.  Do we really want a Red, White, and Blue Pravda?

                Remove the protections…alrighty then.  We’ll be on our way.

                So, it was with the mass defection from Facebook and Twitter for the likes of MeWe and Parler.  Only, the bastards who want to shut us up followed us there.

                Parler became a refuge for those disgusted by Twitter.  Even though there were some hateful postings and it wasn’t nearly as user-friendly as Twitter, I felt that people like me had a place to go.  I even welcomed those liberals who participated.  I did not want a conservative echo chamber.  How boring would that be?

                Those posts which called for outright violence (I don’t recall seeing any, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were) were immediately taken down by Parler.  However, that wasn’t good enough for Amazon, who denied Parler the ability to use its servers.

                As of this writing, Parler hasn’t returned.

                However, I’ve found something called “Gab.”  Very Twitter-like, it so far hasn’t succumbed to the scolding harridans of the Internet.  In fact, I find that navigating around Gab is quite a bit easier than on Parler.  I’ve actually had conversations with people, which I didn’t really with Parler.

                We’ll see what happens when Parler, as it eventually will, returns.

                As far as an alternative to Facebook, I’ve turned to MeWe.  So far, it appears to be an adequate alternative.  Like with Parler (and Gab), it also counts those who do not have a conservative bent among its subscribers.  I welcome this as, like with the other services, a “hallelujah chorus” would get way boring.

                MeWe, while not completely the same as Facebook, is growing.  It still doesn’t have the reach as Facebook, but I’m convinced this will not last forever.

                I believe that, the more people use MeWe, the more they’ll get used to it.  And the more they get used to it, the more they’ll use it.  It reminds me of the time when Facebook first appeared.  It was competing with another personal interaction site, MySpace.  Of course, over time, Facebook surged and overcame its challenger.  Even though I initially had a MySpace account, I decided to give that Facebook thing a try.

                On a related note, I also owned a Beta VCR which competed with VHS.  And, we all know how that turned out.  Before they both ended up on business’ trash heap.

                Are there objectionable things on MeWe?  Things that offend me?  Absolutely.  But, here’s the thing.  No post that I’ve read called for outright violence, setting things on fire, or destroying things like, say, Israel.

                Plus, and much more importantly, I am a grown-up.  If I don’t like something, I scroll right on by.  I don’t feel the need to squeal to a corporate Mrs. Kravitz.

                My point is that platforms such as MeWe, Gab, Rumble (and eventually Parler) will thrive the more folks get comfortable with them.

NOTE: These sites are completely free, despite what you may see (or have heard). I know, for instance, that MeWe offers subscribers some sort of “Premium Membership” for a price. Frankly, though, I’m satisfied what with I can do. If I am ever called upon to pay for what is now free, yeah, won’t be doing that.

                If, and in the age of Idiot Joe and Chlamydia Kamala, that’s a big if, they are allowed to be.

If any of you have read this, much less gotten this far, my contact information is:

MeWe- Kenneth Charles
Parler- AlPenwasser
Gab- Kenneth Charles

I’m also on Instagram (yes, yes, I know it’s owned by Facebook…baby steps, baby steps)- mop_savant

Facebook- Kenneth Charles

The Ignorant and the Hateful

                A good friend from Pennsylvania told me about a question a mutual friend asked, “What is the symbol of the Democratic Party, the elephant or the donkey?”

              He told me he said, “Well, naturally, it’s the jackass.”

                Then, our ignorant friend further asked, “Is George Stephanopolous a Republican or a Democrat?”

                When told he was advisor to the Clintons and, therefore, a Democrat, the bonehead (I’m sorry.  He’s a friend, but he’s a boneheaded friend) huffed that that was a lie.

                Another friend from high school told me that her son completely blocked her after finding out she voted for Donald Trump.

                Ignorance and hatred.

                Ignorance I can deal with him.   Ignorance can be helped through education, although since my friend from the Keystone State is in his 60s, that kind of willful refusal to look at all sides is impervious to logic and common sense.

                There are those among us who will vote Democrat no matter who is running.  If Attila the Hun had a “D” after his name, then it doesn’t matter.  If he (or she) was raised in a Democrat household, then he (or she) will vote Democrat.

                This has been going on for quite some time.  There were people who idolized FDR, for example.  I guess I can see the logic in this.  After all, it was a Republican president, Hoover, who cocked things up, setting the wheels in motion for the Great Depression.

                We can argue about whether Roosevelt made things worse.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  I personally think he did and that it was the Second World War that actually ended the Depression, but that is my opinion.

                However, when things looked grim as the world went to shit starting in the late 30s, it was to Roosevelt a great many turned.  I can understand that, too.  I don’t think I would have, but I understand.

                That said, few people doubted that the president was rooting for the team from the United States.  Whether you supported him or not, he put America first.

                So it was with Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, the incompetent Carter, and even the Boner-in-Chief, Clinton.  However, with the accession of Obama and now Biden, I’m not so sure.  My point is, they’re Democrats and, if they’re Democrats, and you’re a committed Democrat, you’re going to support the Democrats at all times.   My father voted Democrat and his father voted Democrat, yadda, yadda, you get it. 

                The racist Republicans are the enemy and must be defeated.

                “I may not know anything about the issues, but don’t confuse me with logic and common sense.  I don’t need to research thefacts or make up my own mind.  That’s what I have CNN, MSNBC, my wife, and the New York Times for.”

                Incredibly, this friend once asked-with a straight face-whether Hitler would have been a Republican.  No shit.

                This makes me sad, but some people may be persuaded to use their own minds.  Some folks will do their research (for instance, even though I’m a Conservative, I haven’t always voted Republican).  Not this person, but some.  I’m convinced that reasonable people exist.  Don’t get me wrong.  He is a good man.  Naive, perhaps, but a good man.  However, his psychological cement has been set.

                Also don’t get me wrong, there are more than a few “My father voted Republican and his father voted Republican, so I’ll always vote Republican” stubborn guys out there. too.  Ignorance isn’t exclusive to one party.

                That all said, I was most distressed by the tale of my high school friend.  That you would cut anyone, especially your own mother, from your life because of differing political views is beyond belief.  What kind of hatred must you harbor in your heart that you would do that?

                As much as we enjoy sometimes teasing our ignorant friend, he is still our friend.  He’s entitled to be wrong, but there is no way on this planet that I would cut him from my life.  Likewise, a man whom I’ve known for 56 years would make Alan Alda look like George Patton (we even debated the relative merits of George McGovern against Richard Nixon!) has been and always shall be my friend (please excuse the shameless quote from The Wrath of Khan).

                I would never cut him from my life.  Also, there are those in my family who “swing Liberal.”  Their politics do not define our relationship and will never cause a forever rift.

                It is impossible that this is the only familial relationship thus destroyed.  The news is full of similar anecdotal information.  While I also have no doubt that a Conservative has severed connections with his Liberal family or friends, I also believe that relatively speaking, those instances are in the minority.

                What I’m trying to say is, I believe we can co-exist with the ignorant among us.  I don’t believe that we can co-exist with those who think obliterating a bond with family and friends or deprogramming those with whom they disagree are appropriate responses.

                Despite Joe Biden’s soaring rhetoric in his inauguration speech (personally, I thought it insincere), as long as there exist among us people who see nothing wrong with excising half the nation-including your mother-from your life, we will never achieve “unity.”

                Put that in your pipe and sniff it, Joe.

Whig 2.0


             I left the Republican Party many years ago.  I was disenchanted by the antics of several and disgusted by the repeated call for donations to the Grand Old Party.  With those two things in mind, I determined no political party would be able to take me for granted.  They would have to earn my vote.

                Needless to say, I didn’t join the Democratic Party, either, because of the aforementioned.  Also because I hold conservative values and liberal points of view are antithetical to everything I believe.  Plus, more than a few Democrats (certainly not all) are just batshit crazy (I’m talking to you, AOC).

                I briefly rejoined the Republican Party to vote in the Pennsylvania primary in 2016 for Ted Cruz.  I vividly recall the unease I felt about a Donald Trump presidency and wanted to do what I could to deny him the nomination.  Didn’t work out obviously, but given a choice between Trump and Clinton, it was clear to me the shrill pantsuit would be a disaster.

                Frankly, I would have preferred that the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, wasn’t such a loony moonshot.

                In any event, it’s not my desire to belabor both of you readers (if that many) of the wisdom of the Trump presidency.

                What has occurred to me as I witness Republican infighting is the thought that I had quite a while ago.  As polarized as the nation is (trust me, you cannot discount 74 million votes for Trump), the Right threatens to fracture into separate camps.  I fear we may be witnessing the implosion of the GOP as a viable political party destined to go the way of the Whig Party.

NOTE: Now before the two of you (if that) accuse me of regurgitating a popular thought as we prepare to watch Idiot Joe and Chlamydia Harris take the Oath of Office, let me be clear that I was thinking this very same thing when I still had brown hair.

                The Whig Party was the number two political party (slightly smaller than the Democrats) of the United States between the 1830s and 1850s.  While not a direct descendant of the defunct Federalist Party, it held similar positions and was formed as opposition to Andrew Jackson.  Many statesmen known to America history, such as Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, were Whigs.

                Unfortunately (for them) they weren’t able to stop Old Hickory or his successor, Martin Van Buren (it’s from him we get the expression “OK.”  Go ahead.  Look it up.).  However, the Whigs did manage to get a couple presidents elected, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor.  Even when those two died in office, their Whig vice-presidents assumed office (although John Tyler was ousted from the party in 1841).

                So, yeah, the Whigs had a decent run (better than the Know-Nothings. Thank God).  Unfortunately (for them), passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 (won’t go into the specifics of that act here; it had everything to do with wrestling with the institution that eventually tore the Union apart) was the straw that broke the back.  The party split between Southern Whigs and anti-slavery Northern Whigs who joined the newly-formed (that’s right) Republican Party.

                Luckily, though, the Democrats had their own problems as they fought amongst each other when it came to (yes) slavery, secession, and war.  The Republicans won the election of 1860 driven by resistance to the extension of slavery.

                Simplistic?  Yes.  Did I miss a couple salient facts?  Absolutely.  Are you paying for this?  Seriously?  Are you even reading this?  Please.

                My point is that bickering and bitching with each other led to the dissolution of a political party.  Would that necessarily be a bad thing?  Not…uh…necessarily.  If there was a viable conservative alternative.  But, what I fear is that there will be a third party peopled by Trump supporters and a traditional Republican Party in 2024.

                Then, when you consider that the Democratic Party shows no such division as in the 1860s and, well, let’s put it this way.  Things won’t look so good for those of a conservative bent.

                If you think this is impossible, one only needs to look at the 1992 election when Ross Perot siphoned Republican votes from George H.W. Bush (an incumbent).  Or the election of 1912 when a butthurt Theodore Roosevelt did the same to William Howard Taft (another incumbent).

                The results?  Presidents Bill Clinton and Woodrow Wilson.

                So, yeah, it can happen.

                Personally, I hope Donald Trump does not run in 2024.  That which scares me, though, is that he will.  Since I can’t see him winning the Republican nomination (in my opinion, unfairly or no, he’s damaged goods), what terrifies me is that he will take his supporters and form a third party (the… Patriot Party?  Maybe Yuge Party). 

                That kind of splintering the Republican Party cannot afford.

                The Whigs couldn’t.  And they had a funny name.

What You Know. What You Can Prove.

                Probably most importantly?  Being allowed to present what you know in court.

                By now, all the talking heads are losing their collective heads over the events of the past week.  No one is excusing the horror show which happened in Washington, D.C.  on January 6th.  No one should.  It was an act of barbaric lawlessness, the likes of which I never thought I’d see in my country.  It will be a very long time before I get the image of that criminal fool with the buffalo horns standing at the Speaker’s chair.

                Of course, I realize much worse was inflicted on our cities this summer.  I’m also old enough to remember the 1960s.  But, in the Capitol building

                Yet, there are those who, while certainly not excusing what went on, are lamenting that peaceful Trump supporters were infiltrated by worthless scum from Antifa and BLM.  Scum who whipped protesters into a feral  frenzy that resulted in the tragic deaths of five people.

                I will not go so far as to say I agree with them.  However, I will say that I would not be surprised if it actually happened.  I just don’t think that proof is forthcoming.

                And that is the problem.  That has been the dilemma throughout the tumult of the past couple of months.  I (and I’m not alone) know that something smells about the election and the efforts to cover up what went wrong.  The problem is, can I prove it?  And, can those who purport to have the proof, be allowed their day in court?

                    I am convinced that common sense, logic, and critical thought have long since left the building.  Starting with the hysterical approach to the Chinese Flu all the way to how could a doddering old fool who couldn’t draw flies to a picnic be elected president, it boggles the mind.

            “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  That is exactly what tyrants like Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania did with the pandemic and mail-in voting.

                Mind you, Donald Trump has done himself no favors here.  I didn’t support him in the primaries and held my nose when I voted for him 2016 (yes, Hillary Clinton was that bad).  Over the past four years, I wished he would just shut up on more than one occasion.  He can give the impression that he’s a narcissistic bully.  Not saying that I think he is, but he can put out that vibe.

                Through it all, though, I felt the nation was in good hands, despite the infantile whining by butthurt Democrats and the Machiavellian machinations by Obama and his ilk.  However, when the election of 2020 didn’t look like it was going his way (seriously, could this year have sucked enough?), he launched into a non-stop tirade about how it was all rigged against him.

                In my heart, I know this to be true.  But…can I prove it?  Or can those who purport to have the proof, be allowed to show it to a judge?  No.  And no.

                It sucks.  Trust me, it sucks. 

                Taking all this into consideration, though, he refuses to go gently into that good night, determined to fight on.   The result is that he is doing very real damage to his party’s prospects for 2024 and, maybe, 2022.  Chillingly, I’d be surprised at this point if he’d even get the Republican nomination in four years.

                If that was the case, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he formed his own party as a counter to the Republicans, when he would take many with him.  The last time this happened was in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt formed the Bull Moose Party and ran against the Republican, Taft.

                The result?  Woodrow Wilson.

                To sum up, I agree with much of what he says (not necessarily how he says it) and feel the helplessness that so many feel.  But, to paraphrase a quote from Animal House, “War’s over, men.  The Democrats dropped the big one.”

                Only there’s no Bluto to decry Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

                My point is, realize that the GOP was screwed (once again…proof) and dust yourself off in preparation for days to come.  Also realize that, for many of you, there is nothing that you can do about it.  Work locally to effect change nationally.

                Losing yourself in the rabbit hole of angst and despair which is the Internet will do you no good.  Live your lives, love your family, friends, and those you hope can be more. 

                There is a tomorrow.

Waiting To Be Rescued

               For example, Vice-President Pence has been inoculated.  Joe Biden is due to receive one this coming week, although I think you could pump him with oatmeal and he wouldn’t know the difference.

                Like an early Christmas present, the first doses of the Chinese Flu vaccine have arrived.  The media is putting on quite a propaganda show as the first, at least with the Pfizer dose, of two injections are delivered.  Priority is, I would think obviously, being given to health care workers.  A selected few, though, are getting their “shots,” as well.

                The rest of the population will receive theirs in the coming months.  Many doubt whether it’s safe to inject themselves with what is viewed as a rush job.  I, for one, wonder why I would introduce something into my body which is 90% or so effective against a disease with a more than 98% recovery rate.

                Still, it would appear that we’re beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.  A good thing, even though some knuckleheads caution that we still should wear face diapers (i.e., masks), observe social distances, and close everything but Target and Walmart.

                Incidentally, I predict that, if Idiot Joe and Chlamydia Harris do wind up in the White House, this kind of talk will largely disappear.

                At any rate, I maintain that, despite the good news of a vaccine, things will get worse before things get better.  I believe that otherwise smart people (although the past nine months have shown me that intelligence among a good portion of society is sorely lacking) will freak out over the [non] dire consequences of coming down with a [non]deadly scourge.

                Why do I think this way, you may ask.  Well, I compare the coming hysteria to what Captain Quint had to say in the movie “Jaws.”  Now, before you “WTF?” me, hear me out.

                In his monologue about the torpedoing of USS Indianapolis and hundreds of his shipmates killed by sharks, Quint mentioned that he was most frightened while waiting his turn.  How cruel would it be, he reasoned, to be cut in half by a shark while he was waiting to be rescued?

                So it is with people who are waiting their turn to be inoculated against the virus.  These spineless cowards are terrified that they will come down with COVID before the “rescue planes” of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson deliver them.

                As a result, many will insist on any number of draconian measures by their government to protect them from a disease which has killed people, to be sure (I’ll not deny that), yet gives them a substantial chance of recovery .  They will gladly surrender their freedoms if they receive assurances that they will never die.  Freedoms that the government will be loathe to return.

                I hope I’m wrong, but the bumbling moron from Scranton has already predicted a “dark winter.”  And no amount of vaccine will convince the unconvinceable that the light is coming.  Escpecially if it has anything to do with Donald Trump.

              NOTE:  I included the entire clip of Quint’s monologue.  There’s no need to watch the entire thing, but it’s worth it.  99% of it (you know, like the COVID recovery rate) has nothing to do with the plague that torpedoed (see what I did there?) the Trump presidency. But, it’s a chilling story of an actual event which really was lethal.             

Just An Observation

Welcome to my newest category, “Just An Observation.” This is the place where I’ll post my opinion on current events. You may agree, you may disagree, it’s all good. If you even read these things and comment, even better. As opposed to “Dust Bunnies From My Mind” and “Foto Funnies,” this group of posts will be mostly serious. I may inject some sort of sarcasm or nonsense in them from time to time (after all, I can’t help being me), but I’ll try to keep things serious-minded and sober for the most part. Or I may have a few drinks (see what I mean?). If you were to wonder why I’m doing this, these are the type of essays that may or may not get me booted off other social media platforms (I’m talking to you Facebook and Twitter). For my first “observation,” I thought a quick take about Time’s Man of the Year would be appropriate. A lot of people are losing their minds over this year’s selection, forgetting the rationale behind the left-wing news magazine’s selection process. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

There has been no shortage of outrage over Time magazine’s choice for 2020’s Person of the Year (several years ago, Time changed it from Man of the Year. I don’t feel like looking up when exactly. I’m good with that, in any event. After all, there are more than just dudes on the planet. And thank God for that).

If people (not all of them Trump supporters) were vexed because there is no way Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deserved to be so recognized, I’d be 100% on their side.

Spoiler Alert: I believe Biden and Harris in no way deserved the honor. I’ll explain why later.

But, these folks are using the fact that, because Adolf Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year in 1938, it must be incontrovertible proof that media cannot be trusted (they can’t, BTW. I’m talking to you, Fox News).

I hate to break it to everyone who feels this way (it pains me because we’re likeminded in many other areas), but Josef Stalin, Nikita Khruschev, and the Ayatollah Khomeini were also Time’s Man of the Year. These were controversial choices, to be sure. The way Time explained it, though, is that the purpose behind MOY was to designate an individual who most affected the year prior. It did not have to be in a positive way.

In that, I agree with their intent. Man (now Person) of the Year is not to be confused with a “He’s a jolly good fellow!” kind of thing. Unless Khruschev should have received a gold watch and cake.

With that in mind, perhaps Donald Trump should have been so recognized. Love him (many do) or hate him (many do), he was arguably the most significant individual this past year. Or (throw up in my mouth), Tony Fauci. Actually, my vote would go to the real heroes: health care workers, first responders, or perhaps those manning checkout lines at the supermarket.

Certainly not Idiot Joe and Chlamydia Harris. Calling them Person of the Year is nothing more than virtue-signaling by a left-wing SJW rag. It thus cheapens the title and ensures that nobody will give a rat’s ass about said designees in the future.

Time Magazine has thus become as relevant as the NFL, Hollywood, MSNBC, and the New York Times.